Vannamei shrimp is one of the most widely cultivated fishery commodities in Indonesia. The demand for vaname shrimp continues to increase every year; many people like it with its distinctive meat taste. Palajan village, Pakis Aji, Jepara is one area that cultivates vaname shrimp.

Some facts found in the field, people do not know how to manage the vannamei shrimp culture environment. It is necessary to transfer technology and guidance from academics to the community to manage the vannamei shrimp culture environment properly. This community service aims to transfer knowledge and technology to the community, especially vaname shrimp cultivators in Jepara, regarding the environmental management of vaname shrimp cultivation to increase aquaculture production. This community service was carried out in July-October with partners, namely cultivators in Plajan Village, Pakis Aji, Jepara. The method of implementing the service is carried out in an observative-participatory-solutional manner. The Department of Aquaculture’s service team provides information on the environmental management of vaname shrimp culture.

Figure 1. Vannamei shrimp cultivator

Hopefully, this service activity can continuously transfer information and technology from academia to the community and establish a good relationship between the two parties. The cultivators welcomed the activities carried out positively.