Scientific Writing Manual

Scientific Writing Manual

Writing scientific papers is one of the skills that must be possessed by university academics. Scientific works have several models, but this manual will explain the procedures for writing scientific papers related to assignments in the context of completing the study of a student in the undergraduate program (S1) at the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Universitas Diponegoro.

The limitations or definitions of scientific works referred to in this manual include:
a. Field Work Practice (PKL) Report.
PKL is an activity carried out through internship, observation, information collection, observation of various work processes or procedures, to provide opportunities for students to obtain information, insight, understanding, and practical experience, so as to be able to compare theory and practice in the field in various aspects in the field of Fisheries and Marine Sciences. PKL can be carried out at state-owned Office or Agency, private entrepreneurs or business groups related to fishery or marine activities. PKL should not be an independent activity as in research. Guidance from someone or a group of people who are experienced or competent in their field are indispensable for the implementation of PKL in the field.

b. Seminar Papers
Seminar is the presentation of part or all of the research results and/or student experiments, or research proposals (UP) in a scientific forum attended by supervisors, examiners, seminar committees, and students taking seminar courses. Students are required to write a short and concise seminar paper, as directed by the seminar committee.2 |Scientific Writing Guide – FPIK UNDIP 2012 Edition

c. Diploma Thesis.
Diploma Thesis is a scientific paper resulting from research and/or experimentation prepared by students under the guidance of a diploma thesis supervisor and is accounted for in a Program Final Exam Defence to fulfil the requirements for obtaining a bachelor’s degree (S1). There are no special provisions for the number of diploma thesis pages.

d. Scientific Publications.
Scientific publication is an activity of rewriting research results in the form of article manuscripts to be published in a certain scientific journal.