Merdeka Learning – Merdeka Campus is one of the policies of the Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, Nadiem Makariem. One of the programs of the Independent Learning – Independent Campus policy is the Right to Study for Three Semesters Outside the Study Program. The program is a mandate from various regulations/legal foundations of higher education in order to improve the quality of learning and higher education graduates.

In order to prepare students to face changes in social, cultural, world of work and rapid technological advances, student competencies must be prepared to be more responsive to the needs of the times. Link and match not only with the world of industry and the world of work but also with a rapidly changing future. Universities are required to be able to design and implement innovative learning processes so that students can achieve learning outcomes covering aspects of attitudes, knowledge, and skills optimally and always relevant.

The Department of Aquaculture, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Diponegoro University fully participates in the Merdeka Learning program – Merdeka Campus. For this reason, the determination of the courses that we present is optimistically able to realize the expectations of this program. The following is the distribution of the independent curriculum courses in 2020.


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Total Number of Credits = 144 Credits

Semester 1 = 21 Credits | Semester 2 = 21 Credits| Semester 3 = 21 Credits| Semester 4 = 21 Credits| Semester 5 = 22 Credits| Semester 6 = 21 Credits| Semester 7 = 11 Credits| Semester 8 = 6 Credits