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Universitas Diponegoro | The Excellent Research University

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Universitas Diponegoro is 1 of 10 universities among 4,700 tertiary institutions in Indonesia that are included in the World Class University Ranks. For this reason, Undip continues to improve the quality of class education supported by competent and professional teachers.





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Online Guest Lecture November 2022 | Opportunities and Challenges of being a Researcher in an International Research Organization
Online Guest Lecture October 2022| Microencapsulated Diet for Aquaculture
Taking Student ID Photos and Distribution of New Student Attributes
International Guest Lecture October 2022 | Seaweed Tissue Culture and Bioprocess
Online Guest Lecture October 2022 | Potential and Resource Management and Prospects of Eel Cultivation in Indonesia
Online Guest Lecture September 2022 | Utilization of Mangroves in Aquaculture
Webinar | Becoming a Fisheries Young Entrepreneur Series 4: An Exciting Catfish Hatchery Business Opportunity
World Class Professor | Seminar Online: Management of Parasitic Diseases in Australian Mariculture
Webinar FPIK | Becoming a Young Fisheries Entrepreneur Series 3: Feed Management and Tips to Become a Successful Catfish Cultivator
Webinar FPIK | Becoming a Young Fisheries Entrepreneur Series 2: Feed Management and Hygienic Catfish Production in a Pandemic
Webinar | Becoming a Young Fisheries Entrepreneur Series 1: Business Potential and Appropriate Technology in Catfish Cultivation in a Pandemic Period
International Seminar | Latest Technology Trends in Fish Processing: Application of Processed Fishery Products
Public Lecture | Efficiency Strategy for Making Artificial Feed to Increase Cultivation Productivity
Academic Calendar of Diponegoro University Academic Year 2020/2021
Cultivation Technology and Business Prospects of Seawater Ornamental Fish and Vanname Shrimp from Household to Industrial Scale


Research & Dedication

Community Service: Integration of Water Disinfection Technology Using Ultra Violet Light and Recirculation Systems to Increase Catfish Seed Production

Fish farming group (Pokdakan) catfish Mandiri is a relatively recently formed farmer group,...

Application of Recirculating Aquaculture System to Improve Water Quality in Catfish Seed Production at Pokdakan Mandiri, Ngrapah Village, Semarang Regency

Ngrapah is one of the villages in the Banyubiru sub-district, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia....

Application of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae in Commercial Feed on Catfish Cultivation in Tambaksari Village, Rowosari District, Kendal

Aquaculture, Kendal – Tambak Sari Village, Rowosari District, Kendal Regency is a fish farming...

The Utilization of Curcuma in Artificial Feed as a Growth Supporter of Fish in Asinan Village, Semarang, Central Java

Aquaculture, Semarang – Tilapia, is one of Indonesia's most widely cultivated fishery commodities....

Sustainable Aquaculture to Support Mangrove Forest Restoration in Indonesia (PASMI)

AQUACULTURE, SEMARANG - In many tropical countries, clearance of mangrove ecosystems for coastal...


Achievement unlocked! Aquaculture Study Program: Superior Accredited!

Aquaculture, Semarang. In 2023, good and proud news came from the Aquaculture Study Program,...

Congratulations! Aquaculture Study Program: International Accredited

In 2023, good news came from the Aquaculture Study Program, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine...

Aquaculture Students Represent FPIK in Student Digital Innovation Competition (LIDM) 2023

Aquaculture, Semarang. The Student Digital Innovation Competition (LIDM) is an activity organized...

Studying in Country of K-Pop? WOW!

Aquaculture, Busan – In 2022, 5 students from FPIK have the opportunity to study for 1 semester at...

Aquaculture Department Team Received Matching Fund Kedaireka 2022

Aquaculture, Semarang - Matching Fund is a tangible form of support from the Ministry of...


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Testimonial Alumni  :

Panca Dias Purnomo

PT. Central Proteina Prima, Tbk Indonesia

“I work at PT. Central Proteina Prima, Tbk (CP. Prima), one of the largest companies in the fishing industry, as Head of the Division in Human Resources. Excellent quality of lecturers, complete learning and practice facilities, wide collaboration, and quality The character & knowledge of the students who are qualified make UNDIP Aquaculture alumni one of the most sought after aquaculture alumni by fishing companies in Indonesia”

Prof. Dr. Esti Handayani Hardi, S.Pi., M.Si

Professor of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Mulawarman University, East Kalimantan

“As an Alumni of the FPIK UNDIP Aquaculture Study Program, I did not only learn about the basics of fisheries science, but also learned about the attitude of independence, a warrior mentality, intelligence and humility, which are the basic attitudes of success in society. So it is not surprising that graduates of the Aquaculture Study Program UNDIP is always ready to work anywhere and anytime”

Nestin Evrina W N

Bank Mandiri Relationship Manager

“In the banking world, there are many alumni of the UNDIP Aquaculture Study Program from various generations who work in state-owned and private banking, as well as regional banks. This shows that the competitiveness of Aquaculture Study Program graduates is very competitive in the world of work”

Haris Muhtadi

Direktur Marketing Bidang Aquafeeds Perusahaan Internasional

My experience on campus is relevant to my current job. I had to convince clients of different cultures and nations that my idea was worth buying”

Pungky Nanda Pratama

Founder & Executive Director | Sumatra Nature & Biodiversity Conservation

“Conservation is a very interesting and challenging thing to do. The UNDIP Aquaculture Study Program has opened a wide door for me to go far, to establish an international organization. As an aquaculture alumni, I am very proud of a campus that provides many positive things with an open minded environment”

Annisa Apriliani Wahyudi

PT. Suri Tani Pemuka (JAPFA Group)

“As someone who has been in the phase as a fresh graduate trying to find a job, I found the fact that many companies believe in the results of UNDIP Aquaculture education. The curriculum and non-academic activities in this Study Program have enabled me to become a person who is ready to work, able to survive in the global world of work, and become a pioneer in international programs”