Aquaculture, Semarang – Tilapia, is one of Indonesia’s most widely cultivated fishery commodities. The demand for tilapia continues to increase yearly, and many people like its distinctive meat taste. Asinan Village in Semarang is one of the areas that cultivate tilapia.

Some facts found in the field, people do not know how to trigger the growth of tilapia by utilizing natural materials. For this reason, it is necessary to transfer technology and guidance from academics to the community to increase cultivated tilapia’s growth. This community service aims to transfer knowledge and technology to the community, especially tilapia cultivators in Asinan Village, regarding using natural ingredients (Curcuma) as additional ingredients in artificial feed to trigger the growth of tilapia so that it can increase aquaculture production. This community service is carried out in March-June 2022 with partners, Pokdakan Tilapia Cultivation Ponds, which still use traditional cultivation systems. The method of implementing the service is carried out in an observative-participatory-solutional manner. The Service Team is chaired by Seto Windarto, S.Pi., M.Sc., M.P., with members Dr. Vivi Endar Herawati, S.Pi., M.Sc., Tita Elfitasari, S.Pi., M.Sc., PhD, and Dr. Ir. Istiyanto Samidjan, M.S. The Department of Aquaculture team provided information on the use of plants that could trigger the growth of tilapia.

It is hoped that this service activity can run continuously to transfer information and technology from academia to the community and establish a good relationship between the two parties. The cultivators welcomed the activities carried out positively.