Aquaculture, Semarang – The AVESMA (Aquaculture Virtual Extension Service Mobile Application) developed by the Aquaculture Study Program is a project with funding from NWO-WOTRO Netherlands. AVESMA project leader, Tita Elfitasari, SPi., MSc., PhD said that this application was created with the aim of helping small-scale fish farmers in carrying out their fish farming operations by providing features such as water quality monitoring and financial monitoring. It is expected that AVESMA as a virtual instructor can be an alternative to overcome the problem of the limited number of extension services, so that fish farming activities can run more smoothly.
Tita Elfitasari, SPi., MSc., PhD as a lecturer in the Aquaculture Studies program and project chair, carried out the first socialization about the AVESMA application in the Hall on the 3rd floor of the Central Java Province Fisheries and Marine Service Building. On this occasion, apart from representatives from the City and Regency Marine Fisheries Services in Central Java, small-scale fish farmers and extension services were also present. During the socialization, several fish farmers seemed enthusiastic about asking about the AVESMA application. Several students who were conducting research on the AVESMA topic also briefly explained the results of their research on various fish farmer groups in Central Java which received positive responses from respondents.