Aquaculture, Semarang – A curriculum evaluation workshop needs to be done to review whether teaching and learning activities are running well and effectively. The Department of Aquaculture held a curriculum evaluation workshop via the zoom platform on October 15, 2022.

Curriculum Evaluation Workshop with Stakeholders

Various parties attended this activity, including:

  • Government Agencies (Semarang City Fisheries Service; Central Java Province; Bengkulu Province, and Batam BBL)
  • Parents of students
  • S1-Aquaculture alumni
  • Cultivators from Mount Pati, Demak, Jatingaleh, and Ngaliyan
  • Industry Parties (JALA, SIS, and CP Prima)
  • Lecturer of the Department of Aquaculture

Hopefully, this activity can improve the quality of the curriculum so that students can meet market demand by having theoretical abilities and skills and are ready to compete in the outside world.