Aquaculture, Semarang – In 2022, the Aquaculture Study Program (S1) accepts more than 120 new students. The Young Diponegoro Orientation (ODM) activity was carried out for several days. The students were very enthusiastic and enjoyed this activity. The Young Diponegoro Orientation or ODM is an official welcoming activity for new students to educate and instill Diponegoro values, so that they can become strong, intelligent, and adaptive students.

This activity not only trains students to have a good attitude and character, but also introduces Young Diponegoro to their environment, including seniors and lecturers and education staff. Several lecturers from the Department of Aquaculture participated in this ODM activity, including Seto Windarto, S.Pi., M.Sc., M.P., Tristiana Yuniarti, S.Pi., M.Si, Rosa Amalia, S.Pi., M. .Si, and Dewi Nurhayati, S.Pi., M.Si.

ODM Aquaculture with Seto Windarto, S.Pi., M.Sc., M.P.

“The reason I chose the aquaculture study program is because I see the prospects for fisheries are very good in Indonesia, hopefully by becoming an aquaculture student, one day I can advance the field of fisheries in Indonesia!”, said one of the new 2022 aquaculture students.

Welcome, Young Aquaculturist!