AQUACULTURE, SEMARANG – Startup is booming in this millennial era. A startup is a developing company that is considered suitable for the character of the millennial generation or gen Z. Achmad Zaky Foundation (AZF) is one of the non-profit organizations in Indonesia that has funded various startups up to billions of rupiah. This organization was formed by Achmad Zaky (former CEO of Bukalapak), and currently, with various startups and the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, a business mentoring program for young people through the Startup Campus program.

The Department of Aquaculture, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Diponegoro University sees this opportunity, and several of its students have participated in this program. Following up on this, on Sunday, March 13, 2022, an online public lecture was held under the title “Effective Ways to Validate Business Ideas,” with the Director of Achmad Zaky Foundation, Maryati as the speaker. This activity is one of the efforts of the Department of Aquaculture to produce graduates to become successful Young Entrepreneurs. The online public lecture was moderated by Tita Elfitasari, S.Pi., M.Sc., Ph.D. and the presenter was Seto Windarto, S.Pi., M.Sc., M.P, who is also a lecturer in the course. Aquaculture Business. The event takes place from 09.00 WIB to 11.00 WIB. The enthusiasm of the participants was very high, as seen from the consistent number of participants and the question and answer interaction that went well.
Maryati said that the effective way of validating a business idea consists of several stages, including starting the problem – validating – deciding the next step – setting the value proposition – building, measuring, and learning. In addition, it takes a consistent spirit in doing business, and do not forget the big goals you want to achieve.