Aquaculture, Semarang – The AVESMA Project Content Team, chaired by Tita Elfitasari, SPi., MSc., PhD, has begun compiling the contents of the application which contains water quality monitoring features, financial monitoring and other information related to technical fish farming. The AVESMA (virtual aquaculture instructor) project itself is a project that creates an Android cellphone-based application for small-scale cultivators to assist in carrying out the operations of their cultivation activities. This project is funded by NWO-WOTRO Netherlands under the Impact And Innovation Grants (I & IG) scheme for the 2021-2023 funding year.
Young lecturers from the Aquaculture Department who participated in developing this application held a group discussion forum (FGD) together with the application maker vendor at the Chanti Hotel on December 29 2021. In this activity, apart from discussions on preparing materials for the application content, participants also held discussions with the application maker vendor to improve the system which was deemed more suitable for small-scale cultivators. This is deemed necessary because the application users will be small-scale cultivators, the majority of whom have limitations in terms of technical use of the application as well as understanding water quality monitoring and finances.