Semarang –Aquaculture students (class of 2021) Diana Damayanti, Nafiza Nur M, and Nawang Wulan took part in the National level product innovation competition held by the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Khairun University – Ternate and got 2nd place in the event. Khairun University held a campaign regarding the Utilization of Marine and Fishery Resources for the Archipelago Region Based on Local Potential, which was packaged in the National Level Student Creativity and Innovation Festival (FIESTA FPIK 2021). This festival carries the theme “Sustainability of Marine and Fishery Resources for the Archipelago Region Based on Local Potential During the Covid-19 Pandemic” and was joined by various universities in Indonesia.

The Aquaculture Department team was supervised by Seto Windarto, S.Pi., M.Sc., M.P. and carries the idea of ​​”Dimsum Icutake (Scallop fish, Satoimo taro, and Moringa): A Healthy Snack Solution that is Efficacious During a Pandemic.” This idea emerged considering that COVID-19 is still a pandemic. The government has tried to overcome this problem with various alternatives; each individual’s option is consuming healthy and nutritious food. In times like this, food and snacks are needed that are filling and can also boost immunity. This Icutake dimsum is the first healthy dimsum with zero MSG and oil made from nutritious local ingredients: mackerel, satoimo taro, and moringa leaves. They do not use MSG; they use shrimp for flavor enhancers as an application. Besides being healthy, this innovation uses local raw materials that are possible, easy to find, and economical.

Congratulations, and keep going, Young Aquaculturist!