Aquaculture, Semarang – One of the lecturers in the Aquaculture Study Program, Dr. Tita Elfitasari, recently received a grant from NWO WOTRO Netherlands for the Impact and Innovation Grants (I & IG) scheme. The grant project that will be implemented is entitled “Aquaculture Virtual Extension Service Mobile Application (AVESMA)”. This project is a follow-up project to the Project for Aquaculture to Support Mangrove Restoration in Indonesia (PASMI) which at that time was chaired by Prof. Ir. Dr. Sri Rejeki, MSc. and project members were Dr. Tita Elfitasari, SPi., MSc.; Dr. Lestari Lakhsmi W, SPi., MSi. and Restiana Wisnu A, SPi., MSi. One of the results of the PASMI project research conducted by Dr. Tita Elfitasari using the Rapid Appraisal for Aquaculture Innovation System (RAAIS) method indicated that the insufficient number of extension services had an impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of field extension service’s work. Based on these results, the idea was to create the AVESMA application as a virtual extension service for aquaculture.

AVESMA is the name of an application created for small-scale fish farmers and has several features such as water quality monitoring, financial monitoring, marketing of harvests, and information about other fish cultivation techniques. It is expected that this application will be able to help small-scale cultivators to increase their productivity by monitoring water quality and monitoring the cash flow of their production through financial monitoring on the AVESMA application. This project will start later this year and will end in 2023.