AQUACULTURE, SEMARANG – Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards’ is the Government of Indonesia scholarship scheme to fund Indonesian students on mobility program at top universities overseas. Undergraduate students could spend up to one semester at an overseas university partner to study, experience host country
culture, and do practical assignments to hone their skills.

The scheme is centrally managed by the Directorate General of Higher Education, Kemdikbud (Ministry of
Education and Culture or MoEC), and is open for undergraduate students from all Indonesian higher education institutions. The objective of this scheme is to facilitate Indonesian students to gain knowledge and skills, exchange ideas and culture, and build networks with their peers, academics, and international community overseas. For Indonesian universities, the scheme is expected to strengthen and develop academic partnerships with university partners overseas.

The flyer of this program can be downloaded on

List of the partner universities:

Diponegoro University students can get more information by participating in DIPTALK regarding IISMA and ICT (International Credit Transfer) on April 29, 2021.