Bronze Medal Di Ajang IPITEx Bangkok 2020 untuk UNDIP

Semarang (12/2) – Harya Diponegoro is one of the names of the Undip delegation team that took part in an international competition in the International Intellectual Property, Invention, Innovation and Technology Exposition (IPITEx) Bangkok / Thailand Invertors Day 2020. The competition took place on the 2nd of February. 6 February 2020 at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC). The Harya Diponegoro team itself consists of 7 students from various departments, including Bhaskara Wisnu Ardli Mahardika and Henric Dhiki Wicaksono from Electrical Engineering, Maulia Rahma Putri, Alifa Nur Fauziah and Opal Oktapiana from Fisheries as well as Savira Khoirunnissa and Niken Windi Saputri from the Chemistry department below. guidance of Seto Windarto S.Pi., M.Sc., MP In the event with the theme “Application of Technology”, the Harya Diponegoro Team sent the innovation title, “Aquaman (Aquascape Monitoring Automatic Network)”.

Aquaman itself is an innovation that can control aquascape parameters automatically such as; long exposure time, water temperature, water change / water change, water top up / periodic addition of water, fertilizer application and feeding connected to sensors and actuators. NodeMCU ESP8266 is the brain in controlling this system automatically. Then these parameters can be sent via the internet wirelessly with an Android application called “Telegram”.

The technology innovation that they make is motivated by the increasing number of aquascape enthusiasts, besides that it can be used as a promising business opportunity. However, the problems faced by aquascape owners are quite difficult because there are many parameters that must be considered, including oxygen, lighting, carbon dioxide, filtration, and others, making it difficult for aquascape owners to control and observe the ecosystem. With people busy at work, of course it is very difficult to manage the time in controlling these parameters as well as in maintaining the survival of the aquascape ecosystem. So far, aquascape hobbyists still use manual methods to treat these components, so that the Aquaman is expected to make it easier for hobbyists to control their aquascape.

In doing so, they won a bronze medal after more or less preparing for it for 5 months. The response of the visitors and the judges also seemed very enthusiastic about the innovations they brought. “Alhamdulillah, I am grateful to get a bronze medal because in Thailand, the competition is very tight,” said Alifa, a member of one of the teams.